About the training

“It’s not just you. Whether it’s an audition, performance, competition, or exam, the nerves and emotional rollercoaster of self-doubt are completely normal.”

This training is for all performing artist of any craft or level who:

– want to get better at performing

– want to regain the joy in their performance

– want to learn to deal better with their insecurities and fears (e.g. stage fright)

How does it work?

During the training sessions I will teach you through practical exercises how to become aware of your mental processes, and their physical effects.
I will help you regain your trust in performing

What do I mean by practical exercises? It means that if you’re a singer, you will sing a lot, and if you’re a dancer, you will dance a lot.

Awareness is the beginning.
We will work extensively on this to make it work to your advantage, to deepen and integrate it.
Both your playing and your enjoyment will improve.

In the method I use, I am not concerned with ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ thoughts. For me, all thoughts are neutral. But when you act on these thoughts and they have a negative influence on your performance, we can look at how, and why.

What will you learn?

– How to regain mental clarity while performing

– How to deal with your inner critic

– How to perform with confidence

– How to discover and activate your creative state

– How to practice effectively

– Tools on how to get to know yourself on a deeper level

Your body is the performing instrument

and deserves as much attention as the craft you want to learn.

I’m not offering a quick fix, or a complete elimination of anxiety in just one session.
My training is about becoming aware, and developing tools in how to deepen and integrate this.
If you want to regain your joy of your performances,
I can promise that your experience of performing and practicing will change.

I do offer single sessions, but most times with useful insights, more questions arise. This is why I recommend to do a training,
in which we will integrate and deepen the techniques. But of course, that is completely up to you.

Single session: €60,-*
Training (5 sessions): €250,-

If you decide after the first session that you want to do a full training, the price of this session is deducted of the full training. All prices are excluding tax.

Do you perform better in your rehearsal room than on stage?