My Story

My name is Yordi Petit. I studied drums at the jazz department of the conservatory of Amsterdam, and have been playing ever since in clubs, theaters, concert halls, in the Netherlands and abroad. Insecurities while playing are not uncommon to me. When it comes to insecurities, and the associated panic attacks, I think I can call myself an expert by experience. When a rhythm didn’t turn out the way I had intended, I would have a sleepless night. The experience stiffening up during a performance and an overall feeling of loss of control aren’t strangers to me either.

Also, I think by now I know every trick in the book on how to deal with this. Many of these methods have definitely helped me a lot. Still, something was missing. Methods never lasted long, or the methods which I thought were “it” would slip away… And I would be back to square one. It wasn’t until I really took the time to figure out what kinds of thoughts were going on inside me, and what the physical response to those thoughts was, that I had a breakthrough.

Since then I have experienced freedom and confidence in my playing. I’m no longer afraid while playing, but curious and playful, calm and passionate. This sounds like a big statement. It is. But now that I know I achieved this, I’m sure everyone can! I’m happy to help you! We’re not going to reject anything during training, but only investigate with curiosity. The method isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about conscious or subconscious.